Monday, July 1, 2019

Mission for July 2019: OPERATION - TAKE BACK THE POWER

GREETINGS PRECIOUS member of the FAMILY OF LIGHT, my brothers and sisters:

i hope where ever you are on our WONDERFUL mother, you are doing as well as can BE.

Recently, in my LIFE i have been struggling with HOPE and struggling with my FAITH. This inner struggle is mostly because like many, i feel like i have no PURPOSE, besides doing some small LIGHT oriented MISSIONS or personal mediations. i feel like i am not doing enough to help, and i feel POWERlessness most of the time and even a bit angry or depressed. 

Mediation is for me is not just about going without to HEAL and help the earth and world, it’s also about going within for guidance as many will agree. 

The most breath-taking quote i have heard on mediation is: "When you pray you talk to the SOURCE, when you meditate, the SOURCE talks to you"

On this particular day during meditation i asked: "What can I personally do for the LIBERATION of earth. What can i offer the RMLIGHT FORCES, STAR FAMILIES and our dear friend, and brother COBRA who tirelessly keeps us informed. How can i, instead of needing constant reminding of the mission, and SUPPORT, what can i give back towards this LIBERATION personally. 

Because i am THE EVENT just like you. THE EVENT its not something outside of me, it is part of me and its part of you and US, because... WE ARE ALL THE EVENT.

i asked what is something i can offer right now, to bring about THE EVENT and speed up the FREEDOM of all who suffer. What can i do to bring the most amount of LIGHT to earth and the world, but mostly something practical and hands on". 

i got a BEAUTIFUL reply….

Without going into the details i was shown a PROFOUND way. Which i now want to share with you all, and i want to INVITE YOU my family to join me in this FUN and very POWERFUL activity. Not only will you be contributing to the LIGHT forces, but you may feel like you are being a part of something bigger than yourself. 

This may also help to REUNITE US ALL AS ONE family with one common goal. This will also give you individually a sense of PURPOSE and ACHIEVEMENT as may also connect with your inner rebel, inner saviour and inner STARry agent. 

Most of all, we are all going to be doing this as a secret ARMY OF LIGHT, like a trojan horse, a thief in the night or a virus in the systems ley lines and buildings that are used by those absent of LIGHT....

i am sure like me you crave to feel that UNITY and CONNECTION we were all part of once long ago, until beliefs divided us through small things.

i now INVITE you to partake in this MISSION that will bring about this UNITY again to our FAMILY.


STEP 1: EDUCATION: as many of you are aware of the flower of LIFE, or if you are not, please do have the pleasure of opening up to this very POWERFUL symbol. This MISSION is surrounding this very PRECIOUS and SACRED symbol of all LIVING LIFE, and our CONNECTION to the SOURCE where we all come from:

STEP 2: PREPARATION: you will need for this part some flower of LIFE stickers. You can buy these anywhere off the internet, and you can get a GOOD deal sometimes such as a pack of 50 or 100 for less that £10/$10. my personal choice are places that need a bit of colour ,and for them i use the coloured stickers, or if you feel a MASCULINE BALANCE of ENERGY is needed you can use the gold stickers, or silver for FEMININE BALANCE of ENERGY.

STEP 3: PLANNING: this part will require you to investigate places that you feel need to have some LIGHT brought in, i use churches, offices, places of warship (worship) such as mosques or scientology centres, movie theatres, businesses, banks, government buildings or embassies, airplanes whilst travelling to other destinations, airports, mass chain hotels or even shopping malls. The list is endless, of places that need LIGHT, use your inner guidance to tell you where LIGHT is needed.

STEP 4: OPERATION: this is where you get to partake in the MISSION. i will slyly go into a church, sit in a pew and reach under the seat and place a sticker whilst playing a tourist role, or if i go to the movies i will put one under a movie seat, or if i visit a bank i will place one under a desk or chair while talking the manager, and in offices i place them under the desks and tables while in meetings. At worst if it’s too obvious and i will be spotted, i will put them under the toilet sink or a place where it won’t be found, because the goal here is to stake back these places for the LIGHT.

By placing a sticker on the back of your car, you are not only literally driving LIGHT with you were ever you go, but it also adds protection to you and your vehicle, as well as activates those staring at it while you are in traffic. Now thats what i call value for LIGHT!

Even at my local swimming pool i stuck one on the water tank, as water holds memory as many of you know. 

If we all do this daily, just imagine the LIGHT grid we will be forming in addition to the cintamani project. WE will be filling in many gaps, staking many places for the LIGHT, and this will also UNITE us as ONE FAMILY WITH A COMMON MISSION. 

A MISSION for all that’s hands on and practical, as to feel part of something GREATER than ourselves. 

i INVITE you brothers and sisters of LIGHT, to JOIN me in this MISSION of LIGHTing energetic candles in the darkest of places, across the HEARTH (earth/heart)

Together we can


with the LIGHT and LOVE and GRACE of 10 000 stars * and suns, 
your sister of LIGHT


  1. Wow , thank you for this wonderful post;
    I have received to do this project lately;
    Currently in the step 3 ; my aim is to place on the public transportations
    with some of my friends help; i will have one more step(4) to do ,
    to ask them take a photo of each and post it with a hashtag #floweroflife oninstagram to gather a huge collections and inspire others =)

    1. This idea is magical I really like should start a instagram page, and show these to really showcase this movement you are wanting to coordinate.
      I wish you the creativity of 10 000 suns on your new quest.

    2. thank you
      yes,we have started an ac floweroflifehongkong on instagram,
      the hashtags i using are #floweroflife #floweroflifestickers #floweroflifehk


    4. I will mention your group in the above blog so people can be inspired to start a instagram page for their own towns and also do what you are doing. very inspirational :)

    5. Hey bro I love this idea. Just bought 200 stickers on Amazon, getting them shipped to me here in NYC. Blessings and love to you all!

  2. thank you for sharing with us. It is so beautiful

    1. Thank you for being apart of this as a member of the family of light.
      I wish you the love of 10 000 suns in your life

  3. Beautiful idea, thank you for sharing, thank you for your covert light-ninja moves.

    I've just been using my breath & hand movements to bring light into dense shituations...This gives me ideas.

    Hard to find these stickers in Australia...I'll find a way.

    Blessings & gratitude
    we got this.

    1. Ah sorry to hear this, here hopefully Etsy ships there, I know I did get some products to Australia when I lived there, hopefully this link works:

      Never underestimate the power of you though, you can just pull flower of life's from the etheric realm down onto places, or make them from your hands like you are :)
      I wish you the light of 10 000 suns on your journey

  4. Thank you for your post. You know what. I share the exactly the same feeling except the flowers of life part. I’d like to have chat with you if you like. I am in SHANGHAI China. My Twitter is @Henrysi5, feel free to contact me. If Twitter is not option my

    1. Lovely to connect with your energy, i am happy you have your own opinions on the flower of life, sadly i dont have time to debate on any topics, we are now go go go on working for the final days.
      I wish you the guidance of 10 000 suns through your daily life

  5. Beautiful dear one. Thank you so very much. Love and blessings :)

    1. and to my mirror of an aspect of my soul, you indeed are beautiful also.
      I wish you the beauty of 10 000 suns upon your dedicated soul

  6. my utterly deepest thanks and appreciation for all this beautifull......nes:-) flower of life and cintamanistones are already a part of my/our life, but theese words that manifest the LIGHT through this is more than beautifulll, million thanks:-) love and light:-)

    1. this is the least i can do fighting side by side such wonderous beings such as your self. to come here and live upon this planet knowing the sacrifices you made, i am truly honoured.
      I wish you the joy and peace of 10 000 suns throughout all areas of your life

  7. Wow this is a great simple idea that almost everyone can do, thank you for sharing this with us. As it happens I have just stencilled my kitchen floor with a pattern consisting of eight petal flowers, I hope this counts as a Flower of Life? Could paint one on patio too! Let's enLIGHTen our communities, thank you, wishing you love and light, :))

    1. my hope is to have monthly tasks like this that are simple for everyone to take part in, thats free or very cheap materials and that will inspire us all to work as one. in terms of the flower in your kitchen, although beautiful it wont count sadly, there is a very special mathematical dimenstion for each circle that must match the last, as well as be 13 for it to have an impact of the flower of life. But in saying this your intention at the time of painting will actually imbed itself into the art, so if you were thinking beauty when making this then the energy of beauty will flow from it always. i wsih you the joy of 10 000 suns

  8. Replies
    1. lilium i have seen you many times on Cobras posts, thank you for the KiND words. i wish you the light of 10 000 suns

  9. This is such a FANTASTIC idea, especially knowing you have reached so many that will take it up. I plan to buy multitudes of stickers to hand out at our Sisterhood of the Rose group, asking them to also pass out to anyone they know who might want to join in.
    And so much gratitude for showing us how one person/one SIMPLE idea can REALLY make an impact.So inspiring to think of my own idea. Much love to you dear one.

    1. Thank you Kate for putting your entire heart into this task, i was doing this alone for a while and the sheer number of places i started to feel weighed in. This idea will help me and everyone so i am more than happy to have shared this project with all of you, my family. i wish you the power of 10 000 suns

  10. When I read this:
    "When you pray you talk to the SOURCE, when you meditate, the SOURCE talks to you" I saw thousands of balloons with the flower of life rise up. Now I know anyone reading this take action. Victory of the Light!

    1. Its a very humbling quote isnt it :) and when I read your comment about the balloons I saw a party for all. ToGATHER we can do this. i wish you the happiness of 10 000 suns

  11. Hello! I'd like to ask a question: I was recentily looking over Cobra's sources, and one of them had a very interesting variant of Flower of Life:

    The Flower of Life im talking about, is the Crop Circle one.

    Thing is, when i first saw the traditional picture of Flower of Life, i knew it had some very good mathemathical geometry/perfection in it, and i thought that it would look good because of all that very good mathemetical correlationship or something...

    But, after looking at the flower of life, the conventional one, i din't felt much attached to it. It felt... Personally, too patternized. Like, way too much patterns. Way too repeated. And i felt that all that repetition was like, taking some of the energy of that beautifull geometrical form.

    Then i was lurking over that source above, hopelessy looking over the flowers of life, and then when i saw that crop circle i said: WOW. Now that's a good flower of life!!! (i was about to say decent lol)

    When i saw that picture, I felt like my heart Expanded just by looking at it. It feels like, for me, that that "alternative version" of flower of life, actually helps to expand energy through the petals, or something! It felt good for me, just to watch up that picture. Then i started to think that, personally, that "alternataive flower of life" had a better energy (according to what i felt) than the traditional flower of life we see on everywhere else in the world or something.

    Maybe it's only me, but i'd like to question this:

    Would i still be working in the favor of the LightForces if, instead of using stickers whit the traditional flower of life, i used stickers whit that flower of life instead?

    Like, does that "alternative" flower of life also has the same or more efficiency to deal whit the energy transmutation of dark forces / something else in comparision to the normal, conventional, flower of life, or it's the opposite, and the conventional Flower of Life has more energetic potential or something to transmute the dark energies of our planet?

    Thing is, i felt in so much love for that Flower of Life... It looked, and felt, so beautifull for me...

    I felt like that flower of life, from the crop circle... Has some sort of energy aligned to some Star Planet... Or something... hmmmm

    So cool!!! * - *

    1. I feel like you have already answered your own question :) if you feel the picture of the crop circle is better then always follow what you feel. This way you empower yourself. I would say that if you do use the photo of the crop circle, print a few of these and then laminate them as if you stick the paper only it will decay and not as long as when it is protected by an outer layer. I wish you the guidance of 10 000 suns

  12. Can we use a collective world map to post it on our respective cities?

    1. this is a wonderful idea, please feel free to create this if you like and manage this map. i would but unfortunatly i have the task of making new projects monthly. i simply havent enough time. i wish you the light of 10 000 suns